Note:Lots of variety can be overwhelming; we've highlighted our best sellers in pink for you!

Texas Music Collection

The scents in this collection were created in

commemoration of all the hard-working musicians

that bring us great, real country music

from the heart. Thanks y'all!

no. 1  kiss me in the dark

the best yet to mimic men's burberry musk cologne

no. 2  rose queen

a perfectly smooth rose scent

no. 3  lonely lubbock lights

an autumn blend of pumpkin and fresh brewed coffee

no. 4  butterbean

beware...this one will make you want cake

smothered in sweet buttercream icing!

no. 5  let's go to luckenbach

an outdoor embers twist on our famous "cowhide" scent.

Reminds you of strolling through quaint Luckenbach, TX

no. 6  somewhere between tx & mx

it's 5:00 catch a lime margarita

somewhere between TX & MX!

no. 7  leavin' stephenville

a sweet & tangy mix of wildflowers & mandarins

no. 8  comal county blue

smells as fresh as the hill country air cruising down Hunter Rd,

this scent is a clean blend of green tea, jasmine & cucumbers

no. 9  brushy creek

a tart fresh blend of lemon, verbena, cilantro & wildflowers

no. 10  orange blossom special

smooth orange cream with a splash of zesty lemon

no. 11  gin, smoke, lies

contrary to it's name, we didn't create the scent of a dive bar...

more like mom's morning maple pancakes

and dad's leather work boots

no. 12  lady bug

fizzy  & sweet strawberry soda

no. 13  ringling road

refreshing blackberry lemon iced tea

no. 14  love is crazy

mimics cool water cologne

no. 15  beat of your heart

amazingly smooth amber

no. 16  high cotton

floral cotton blossom

no. 17  fishin' in the dark

a honeydew melon-based twist on our popular baja cactus scent

no. 51  senorita mas fina

vanilla cupcake frosting

no. 44  bluebonnets

just like our amazingly beautiful state flower of Texas!

no. 74  sancho

mimics new car smell; leather with soft hints of tropical cherry, banana, strawberry & sugar.

as our #2 best seller, you won't be able to resist sancho!

Summer Collection

no. 18  toes in the sand

smooth blend of coconut, jasmine, strawberry, agave & papaya

no. 19  banana berry beach

strawberry banana smoothie

no. 20  juicy

blend of juicy peach & watermelon

no. 21  pink sands

tart citrus grapefruit

no. 22  corpus christi bay

...if you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain...

no. 23  peach jam

not your ordinary jar of preserves. you'll want to bite right in!

no. 24  lemon tree

named after grandma's lemon tree, you'll love the cleanliness this scent throws (topped with real lemon zest!)

no. 25  cucumber melon

does this one ever go out of style? refreshing & clean

no. 26  summer time

named after poolside summers, a sweet twist on the best-selling "Corpus Christi Bay"

no. 27  skeeter be gone

you know yer' in Texas when you here the word "skeeter". Citronella oil to keep the bites away

no. 28  lonestar

very smooth mahogany & tobacco scent. Named after the great 28th lonestar state!

no. 29  cowboy sweat

refreshing, light, beachy aroma of your hard-working cowboy's deodorant

no. 30  coconut water

very light, sweet coconut scent

no. 31  sweet mandarin chili

sweet mandarin meets tangy red chili peppers

no. 32  pear margarita

sweet pears mixed in your favorite drink from the border

no. 33  pineapple salsa

fresh blend of pineapple, cilantro & lime juice

no. 34  fayette county fair

a special scent to celebrate the festivities of the Fayette county fair in La Grange, TX.

a mixture of watermelon and soft, sweet cotton candy

Clean Collection

no. 35  baja cactus

our #1 best seller! "baja cactus" is a clean blend of coconut,

cactus stems & white flowers

no. 36  green tea cucumber

the name says it all! fresh cucumber slices in

a glass of refreshing green tea

no. 37  house on the hill

named after the elusive "house on the hill" located in Buda, TX.

this scent mimics April fresh fabric softener

no. 38  eucalyptus

fresh eucalyptus stems

Casual Collection

no. 39  cowhide

the smoothest leather scent on the market!

our #2 best seller...our male customers love this one!

no. 40  giesekanne (herbal)

a German named scent for fresh lavender fields 

no. 41  sippe mutze (peppermint)

a German named peppermint scent for "winter cap"

(topped with crushed candy cane!)

no. 42  peach bellini

soft coconut and juicy peach meet in this amazing new very soft formula

no. 43  blue spring

named after the beautiful hidden gem in MO, this scent is a smooth, sweet cologne scent

Outdoors Collection

no. 45  plumeria

scent of fresh Hawaiian plumeria blooms

no. 48  bird of paradise bloom

tangy scent of the famous flower blossom

no. 50  two story barn

named after a century old family barn in La Grange, TX.

the scent of cedar and embers greets you when lit

no. 52  one stack mack

"one stack Mack, with a window in the back"

named after the family business, "one stack mack" is the perfect mixture

of summer & autumn; apple, ginger, cider & sandalwood

Foodie Collection

no. 55  cinnamon buttercream

not so cinnamon & not so buttercream

...just right.

no. 57  hot apple pie

very cinnamon filled apple pie

no. 58  apple pumpkin butter

adding pumpkin to apple butter only makes it better!

(topped with cinnamon!)

no. 59  cranberry kettle pop

the scent of walking into Christmas time at the aunt's house.

tart holiday cranberries & sweet kettle-popped corn

no. 62  maple hot cakes

better than restaurant made, mom's maple cakes deserve a blue ribbon!

no. 63  pumpkin patch stroll

who doesn't look forward to the autumn pumpkin patches with the family?

you can have it year round!

(topped with pumpkin spice!)

no. 64  black raspberry vanilla

a holiday favorite; vanilla & black raspberry pie filling

no. 70  creamy candy

my oldest son's very own creation of soft vanilla & light cotton candy

no. 71  maple praline

the scent of maple roasting nuts

Christmas Collection

no. 65  wassail

cherry, cinnamon, & cider

no. 66  gather near

warm cherry amaretto with a splash of bergamot

no. 67  bethlehem

smooth frankincense & myrrh

no. 68  mistletoe kiss

a fresh cut pine tree with a splash of almond

no. 69  christmas blessings

a mouth-watering twist of cinnamon & mulberry

no. 72  rustic woods

strong woodsy cologne scent

no. 41  sippe mutze (peppermint)

a German named peppermint scent for "winter cap"

(topped with crushed candy cane!)