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Whether it's your truck that needs refreshing, your closet, your camper, hanging from a curtain rod for a room, or you need a little something to throw in a stocking. These little scent bombs ARE the bomb!

Who doesn't love a new freshie?!

Need help choosing?.......

Most popular scents: "Sancho", "Corpus Christi Bay", "Cowhide", "Baja Cactus", "Love Is Crazy".

If you're looking for: Black Ice, order "Love Is Crazy".

If you're looking for: strawberry leather, order "Sancho".

Biggest shape: large sunflower face (dollar in pic for reference).

Smallest shape: AC/DC style "MAMA"

Most popular shape: cactus.

Need more personalization? Just note it in the order notes!

Heat exposure disclaimer: Works best in a heated space. However very rare, do not leave on a porous surface as they run the risk of the dye staining your surface. (None of our team has ever had this happen, but there's a first time for everything). In temperatures above 100* with no ventilation and direct sunlight, air fresheners may morph from extreme heat exposure. DON'T WORRY, it is NOT stuck. When the freshie cools off it will lift right off the surface leaving no residue at all.

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