Become a Prickly Wicks
Independent Distributor!

Looking for a high demand product to distribute but don't

have the feasibility of opening a storefront?


Becoming a Prickly Wicks Independent Distributor

allows you to open a candle shop from the comfort of your home

without the mess and long hours!

Check out our FAQs below to learn more!



Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Yes, the initial minimum is the

(log in and approval required before orders can be placed).

The starter pack is available in 3 sizes.

Post-initial orders are minimum $200.

Q: What is the profit margin on each sale?

A: 100% markup = double your money back with each sale.

Your $200 investment turns into $400 in your pocket.

Q: Am I allowed to run sales/coupons?

A: Yes, sales and coupons are allowed. All original pricing of product is regulated company-wide. If you're unsure of how to price your products, check PW retail prices online.

Q: How will PW keep the market from being flooded with storefronts & Independent Distributors?

A: Just as we regulate how many storefronts can retail PW per zip code, we do the same with a very low maximum of Independent Distributors per zip code.

Q: Is this a pyramid scheme?

A: Absolutely not. It's as simple as having a storefront and ordering wholesale products for that store... except your sales are

on-the-go and in-home!

Q: How do I apply to be an Independent Distributor?

A: Visit us at


to start your login/application process.

*ALL info on sign up form must be completed for approval*

Q: I created a log in but I still can't access the site.

What do I do now?

A: No worries! Monday - Friday we are checking applications to make sure we are not exceeding our zip codes maximums and once your account is approved you will receive a welcome email from PW then allowing you to shop the wholesale site and start filling your in-home candle shop!

Q: I applied but it's been a week and I'm still not approved.

A: With our maximum of ID's per zip code being low,

you may have not been approved for 1 of 2 reasons;

1) Not an opening for an ID in your shipping zip code yet.


2) ALL info wasn't filled out on your signup form.

Q: I was able to login and now I can't. What happened?

A: One minimum order per 60 days is required to retain access to the wholesale site. In order to give ladies that want to make the most of this opportunity a chance to do so without their area being filled with dormant Independent Distributors, Prickly Wicks reserves the right to deactivate accts without warning after 60 days of inactivity. Reapplying is permitted at your freewill and will be approved once zip code openings come up.

Q: Do I need to charge tax on my sales?

A: Yes, you are buying wholesale products for retail sale therefore you must charge the required tax rate per your county and claim that to your state comptroller.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: All orders are shipped via UPS in 3 - 10 calendar days with

the exception of holidays & our "no shipping on Fridays" rule.

Q: How do I know what scents I'm getting in my starter pack?

A: The starter packs are designed to contain the most popular scents for the current season. Trust us, we know what customers will love & we want you to have that! For custom ordering, post-initial order, you can build your own order and pick details such as candle ribbon colors, sizes, & scents.

Freshie colors are not customizable. Only shape & scent.